Aria is up to the challenge and staying ahead of what is taught in school

Aria is up to the challenge and staying ahead of what is taught in school



Imagine having to make new friends after skipping a grade in school. Luckily, for 10-year-old Aria, conquering challenges is a skill she has mastered over time. After her second-grade teacher discovered her potential and capabilities, Aria was qualified to take third grade math in second grade. Her teacher was convinced however that Aria needed more and advocated for acceleration. Aria’s success and progress gave her the unique opportunity to completely skip the third grade – one of her proudest achievements.

When Aria enrolled in Kumon three years ago, it was initially to offset the boredom she felt at school. “The math we were learning at school was so easy; I wanted something harder and new,” she says. Excited by the progress she was making, Aria was determined to learn more math and Kumon soon became a big part of her life.

“Challenging” is the one word Aria uses to describe her Kumon experience. Aria says, “The worksheets are challenging, and the time commitment is challenging; you really have to pour your mind and heart into it.” Aria’s motivation in Kumon is driven by the understanding she gains at the end of the learning process. “In the end, there is a sense of accomplishment, and that rewarding feeling is what empowers me to keep going,” she says.

Studying advanced math has allowed Aria to stay ahead of what is being taught at school. She has been able to complete schoolwork quickly, and even become a resource to help other students who may be struggling. Aria says, “Kumon has helped me progress faster academically than I may have without it.”

We wish Aria the best of luck as she continues to reach for her goals. We have no doubt that her determination and independent learning skills will help her navigate through any challenges in life.


What is Kumon? Kumon is the world’s largest after-school math and reading program.

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