Art and creative design can inspire and make people happy

Art and creative design can inspire and make people happy

Did you know that the design of a community affects the mental health of its residents and visitors?

It’s true! Art and creative design not only inspire people and make them happier, but it has also been proven to lead to increased community engagement and social connection.

You know that feeling when you walk past a long concrete wall that feels like it pushes you against a road with busy traffic? There is no greenery, no creativity, and no sign of actual human life. These environments have been proven to increase our stress levels and elevate feelings of fear and uncertainty.

That’s why we love art in downtown! It makes us feel human again.

Go check out the new mural on the Ickabod’s wall! Susan Charnquist has done an amazing job here, and you can enjoy it from the 1st Street Dining Commons. Downtown has around 15 murals, and we are creating a walking map for you to discover them all.

Matt Burney and Tualatin Valley Creates also recently installed a musical bench on 1st Street in front of Costume Avenue. Go check it out, turn the crank, and experience it for yourself. Take a moment to see how it makes you feel.

Downtown is meant to be our safe space. For all of us. When you come here, we want you to feel alive, joyful, inspired, creative, and connected. That’s why we aren’t stopping here.

We are exploring opportunities for more art, community garden space, and pocket parks. Pocket Parks are little parks that fit between buildings and enliven underused spaces.

You can help make it happen! Join us.

~ Kevin Teater

(Executive Director)


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