As a teen, I never really thought about New Year Resolutions, but making them sounds like fun!

As a teen, I never really thought about New Year Resolutions, but making them sounds like fun!



New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve never genuinely thought about it thoroughly until now. There are always the generic choices, like losing weight or exercising more, but because I’m a shut-in artist, my goals will be quite different! I’m always striving to become more creative, so my resolutions this year will mainly be art related. Such as…

Sewing plushies! I have, and still do, collect plushies. They are all scattered across my room. Yes, buying plushies are fun, but as a more crafty type of person, creating my own would be an even bigger achievement! When I was younger, I made my first stuffed animal out of some old socks and stuffing my mother had lying around. It was quite scrappy, but it was a start. Now that I’m older and have done other sewing projects (like making a full Halloween costume from scratch), I feel like making my own plushies is something that is not only quite doable but sounds exciting and fun.

Drawing new animations! For the past 3 years, I’ve been animating using a program called Flipaclip and then posting it to YouTube. It’s really fun to show off my drawing skills and read the comments from people who follow my work. At the moment, my animations are fairly simple, lasting only 30 seconds or less. This year, however, my resolution is to make animations that are one minute or longer. I know it’s not quite Disney level yet, but who knows, maybe that’s a good resolution for next year.

Cross-stitching using my own pattern! I’ve already had a lot of experience with cross-stitching, but I’ve never tried making my own designs. Since cross-stitching is basically making pictures using squares on fabric, it’s easy search up “pixelated art” to find patterns to use. This year, I want to create my own patterns.

Learning how to do Embroidery! I’ve never tried doing embroidery because I couldn’t figure out where to start. It is much more difficult than cross-stitching, in my opinion. Embroidery seems as simple as thread just going through fabric like sewing. However, because it gives you more freedom to “draw” things, like flowers or words, since I didn’t have a clear picture in my head, I never picked up a needle. 2024 seems like a good year to show off my art in different ways and this will certainly be a big project.

In conclusion: I’m an artist and as you can see, all my resolutions are about getting better at art. So, maybe that’s the key to a good resolution: try taking baby steps. In other words, if you are not already into jogging, perhaps you’ll have better success with the goal of walking before you run.

Happy New Year and good luck!


Mizuki Wong is a 9th grader at Mountainside High School. In their free time, they enjoy drawing, animating on YouTube, listening to music and learning about science.