As you go about your day, take the challenge: The Smile Experiment

As you go about your day, take the challenge: The Smile Experiment



As Summer brings in warmer weather, restrictions are lifted and mask wearing isn’t as necessary, we can finally venture out into the public together.  Busy sidewalks, crowded venues, and human to human interaction are no longer novelties of the past.  After roughly a year of separation, however, a lot of us are hesitant to mingle.

This is why you have now been challenged to a social experiment.  This one is simple, and you might find the results really interesting.  As you go about your day, make a point of making eye contact with a passing stranger, and smile.  Make it a sincere smile, with your mouth and your eyes.  Take note of their reaction, and your own.  Try it with different people, the ones you wouldn’t normally interact with.

It is surprising that the smallest interactions, and the smallest of changes to the way we interact, can change the way we are feeling, or perceive something.  While this may seem like a simple feel good stunt, it can offer some pretty compelling insights.  Try this experiment yourself to see what results you get.

Have fun, stay safe, and if you do get any interesting results we would love to hear what they are.

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