Assisting clients through their challenges in employment

Assisting clients through their challenges in employment



Job Coach Spotlight: Alexandra Swanson

Supported Employment is a field where social services, psychology, and behavioral health all intersect. Job coaches at Dirkse Counseling and Consulting entered this profession with a passion for serving individuals and the community, and an educational background that prepared them for a successful career. Alexandra Swanson recently commemorated her first anniversary with Dirkse, so I asked her about her experience working with individuals with disabilities as a supported employment professional.


How did you first hear about job coaching and what interested you about it?

I heard about job coaching from a family friend. I looked into the role of a job coach and what really interested me was being able to help individuals be successful in the workforce.


How did your field of study prepare you for this type of career?

My field of study in college was human services. During college, I took classes on social issues, counseling techniques, and interpersonal skills. This understanding significantly improved my ability to assist clients through their challenges in employment.


What do you enjoy the most about being a job coach?

I enjoy providing support to my clients so they are able to achieve their goals. I love that I get to be involved in their success. My goal as a job coach is to be able to assist clients toward successful employment.


What advice would you give someone who was looking into supported employment as a career path?

My best advice is to be open to trying new things! All clients have slightly different learning styles. Being able to identify how a client learns best is very important. Sometimes you will have to do things outside of your comfort zone for your clients to be successful.


Why choose Dirkse Counseling and Consulting?

Dirkse has so many amazing employees and clients. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work as a job coach at Dirkse.

Thank you, Alexandra! Dirkse is certainly lucky to have YOU on our team!


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