Attitude is the game changer, Staying active will help you stay positive

Attitude is the game changer, Staying active will help you stay positive

Can you be positive all the time? No…you can’t! Now, I have been accused of being a sickeningly positive person. Glass is 1/2 Full! It’s true, and truthfully, I would not want to lead my life any other way.

However…while I am positive most of the time…there are plenty of days where I am not. Life simply catches up with me, and my positive tank is empty!

Being positive has got to be an average thing. The majority of the time, I am positive. But as I said, I have bad days…I have dark clouds on occasion…things happen to me in life that bring me down.

So, while we can’t be positive ALL THE TIME…it’s important to at least have a positive attitude, and outlook as much as you can!

During those times where your positive tank is empty, or thirsty…if your attitude remains UP…it makes it so much easier to move past any temporary negative moods, and get back into a positive zone as quickly as possible!

Attitude is the game changer! If attitude is a locomotive…then effort & outlook are the caboose. Positive attitudes mean that train is moving fast, chugging right along…and powerfully tackling challenging hills and mountains! Negative attitudes also have that train moving fast…but this time that train is going downhill FAST…into an abyss! The locomotive has the engine…the power plant that moves the train. The caboose is just along for the ride! So. when that locomotive (ATTITUDE) is positively powering itself along, blasting over mountains…that caboose (EFFORT) is right there with it.

My favorite quote of all time, comes from Jenny Finch, a former NCAA Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist softball player: “You can’t control the circumstances, but you can control your attitude and your effort!”

Having a positive attitude when bad things happen can be hard. But that is a time when it’s more important than ever to have that positive attitude to help you smash those negative forces! Heck, if you woke up every day, and lived your life with everything going your way, you’d be 100% unprepared when your train goes completely off the rails…and it always does.

How can you help fertilize your positive attitude? Stay Active!

Keep moving! Keep a regular schedule of activity. Running, walking, hiking, riding bikes, working out, etc….

When you’re active, your brain releases neurotransmitters that have a very positive impact on some important factors: Focus, positive attitude, suppressing negative feelings, self-confidence, risk taking, brain cell growth and more!

I know the route I’m going to take!

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