Auto Q&A

Automotive Q&A: With the Beaverton Car Guy

Q: I left my dome light on overnight and I was surprised & relieved that my vehicle started. If my battery is fully charged, how many hours could have passed for me vehicle to start?

A: Different vehicles have different amounts of interior lighting, so in most cases on a newer vehicle, or a vehicle with a new or recent battery, the interior lights would easily stay on, as well as allow the vehicle to start after a 12 hour period. If it were the headlights, they draw a much greater amount of power so the time is greatly reduced. I think that 6 hours would be the maximum amount of time.


Q: Last February we had a big snow storm, I had to use my tire chains, however my neighbor mentioned that his snow tires worked just as well if not better. Is this true?

A: It is well known that snow tires are far better in the snow & ice than highway tires, however getting going in slick driving conditions is certainly a plus, stopping is quite another story. The addition of chains when there is snow or ice, provides much better traction, not only for getting the vehicle going, but it will help the vehicle to stop as well. Most accidents during slick driving conditions occur, due to inability to stop your vehicle.