Autumn weather: you never know what to expect

Autumn weather: you never know what to expect



What kind of Fall weather do you like?


The weather during the Fall season can be all over the place. From shivering, rainy days to hot, sunny skies, then back to something more cold and blustery. Everyone has their preferences on what they like! Sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, or maybe a combination of all of these. Here is the kind of weather I look forward to this time of year!

Sunny Days: I love the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin. It reminds me of the fun I had during Summer just a few short weeks ago. A lot of people like this weather for its lively feeling and happy vibes! You can also go outside in shorts and a T-shirt, and hike through nature without an umbrella!

Rainy Weather: Ah, the sounds of pitter-pattering on my bedroom window always brings me comfort. It’s a steady and constant beat that slowly fades as the sun comes out. This is one of my favorite types of weather because of two things. First, splashing in the water is fun. Second… sweater weather! Who else likes rain? The plants, the animals and, of course, the farmers who can’t wait for the free water to fall from the sky.

Cloudy Skies: Whether it’s cumulus, cirrus or the iconic Oregonian stratus clouds, to me, they are all so nice it look at. During any given day in Autumn, the morning can start off cloudy and end up sunny. During this transition when the sun starts peeking through the haze, it is especially beautiful. It can be cold and maybe even a bit wet outside, but this is the weather I always remember. There may not be that many people who love cloudy weather as much as I do (and I can understand why), but the soft gray skies and serene atmosphere bring me peace.

Snowy Wonderlands: I bet a lot of people can agree with me that seeing the first snow of the year is magical. I have had so many fun memories during the few snowy days we get each year: snowboarding, snowball fights, making a snowman, sled-trains even building an igloo! I love everything but the messy aftermath when the pretty white snow goes away leaving a mushy muddy mess everywhere. Other than that, I’d say this is one of my favorite types of weather.

This week (3rd week of October), Mother Nature has been quite indecisive: one day was wet, another was cold and now it’s warm and sunny outside. For me, this has been a great weather week. I’m sure there’s probably other weather conditions that I missed, but these are the ones that I like in particular.

What type of Autumn weather do you like?


Mizuki Wong is a 9th grader at Mountainside High School. In their free time, they enjoy drawing, animating on YouTube, listening to music and learning about science.