Banding together for a good cause. At the Garages Satellite Pub on Western Ave.

Banding together for a good cause. At the Garages Satellite Pub on Western Ave.

Banding together for a good cause, that was the goal of a fundraiser at At The Garages in Beaverton.

“Communities banding together to help Oregonians in need,” Florian Raqueno, the organizer of Band Together Relief Benefit, said about the event.

Oregon bands performed back-to-back sets with the goal of raising thousands of dollars to go directly to the communities impacted by the devastating Oregon wildfires.

“Nikki Jones Band from Salem, SureFire from McMinnville… we’ve got Johnny Wheels & the Swamp Donkeys, a Pacific Northwest favorite and then Remedy, 70s, 80s and 90s music,” Raqueno said.

With four live bands performing and a silent auction, there was no shortage of generosity. The benefit raised over $12,000 for wildfire relief.

“We’ve had $500 donations, $1,000 donations, so people are really giving. They understand what this is for and that 100% of it is going to help the cause. Even my bartenders donated all of their tips today,” Kent Drangsholt, co-owner of At the Garages, said.

For one of the bands, the devastation of the wildfires hits home.

“Sorry it’s a little emotional. I was born in Stayton, grew up in Mill City. Then we moved to Beaver Creek and I went to Molalla High School,” Nikki Jones said.

Nikki Jones is the lead singer of the Nikki Jones Band. She said she still has family in the area and is devastated to see the community she grew up in so deeply impacted by the wildfires.

“All of my family and friends are impacted by this. It’s so hard to see them walk away from everything and have nothing. It’s heartbreaking. I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here trying to help out,” Jones said.

She donated her tips to the fundraiser and encourages anyone who can afford it to donate too.

“Even if it’s a penny. Seriously. Everything matters right now, we’re counting change,” Jones said.

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