BDA Receives Huge Grant for Historic Preservation (your contribution matters too!)

BDA Receives Huge Grant for Historic Preservation (your contribution matters too!)



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It happened again. I can’t believe it. We did it again.

In 2019, we received Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant to restore the Nak Won building, and that project just completed. It no longer leaks when it rains, and the building is finally in a state of good repair!

And now we have big news again!

The Beaverton Downtown Association just received another $200,000 from the same grant to fund major building improvements to the Rossi Building.

That’s the building on Broadway Street that includes Family Café, Forager Vintage, Gloria’s Secret Café, Ayman’s Barbershop, Vanek’s Shoe Repair, and Beaverton Sub Station.

The Rossi Building has a lot of history in our town. It’s served as the train station and local jail, and it’s been home to many incredible businesses ever since it was built in 1919.

That’s why we are so excited to help fund project the Rossi Building improvements through this grant. Historic preservation matters. Affordable business and residential spaces matter.

We will be exposing the transom windows in front of Beaverton Sub Station’s east doorway, making every window energy efficient, restoring the deteriorating brick façade, stabilizing the structure with some earthquake resiliency improvements, and redoing the electrical system for the building.

And it’s not just these two grants that are so exciting. Since 2018, the Beaverton Downtown Association has directly invested approximately $600,000 in grants into our downtown community. We have planned 14 events (only 3 of those being in 2020 and 2021) that have drawn visitors into local businesses and that are estimated to have resulted in $72,000 being invested into our local economy. That’s not even counting the economic investment from three Beaverton Restaurant Weeks.

And we want to do MORE! Your donation can help us fund more events, public art, building restorations, trees and greenscapes, and sustainable transportation infrastructure.

You can become a monthly RAISE UP Downtown Beaverton donor on our website at or by scanning the QR code here.

We appreciate all of you!

~ Kevin Teater


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