Be open to advice, Always Listen!

Be open to advice, Always Listen!

My company (Play.Fit.Fun) is focused on getting kids active and moving.

We operate after school programs, and camps with this focus.  IT’S FUN!

We are really good at what we do, and without sounding overconfident, I consider myself a pretty darn good coach.

About a year or so ago, leading up to one of our camps, I was racking my brain to focus on more interactive games, rather than active.  I contacted one of my coaches, asking her if she had any ideas.

She gave me many, many awesome ideas!  She is one of our best coaches, and is a wealth of information and creativity.

She is also 1/2 my age.  I am almost 51 and she is 26.

The game ideas she gave me have turned out to be quite simple…and also some favorites of the kids we have enrolled in our after-school classes and camps.  The games were so simple, that I chided myself quite a bit for not ever thinking of them myself.

The point of this month’s article, is to always be open to ideas, suggestions and advice.  From anyone!

Some of our best games we run in our program were ideas provided by someone 1/2 my age…with a lot less experience than I have.

And I think that is amazing!

SO:  Never be too old, too talented or too experienced to receive AND accept ideas, suggestions and input from anyone.

I mean anyone.  It will always surprise you where and who it might come from.

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