Be prepared for any medical scenario in 2021… Whether planned or unexpected, have a plan

Be prepared for any medical scenario in 2021… Whether planned or unexpected, have a plan

When a new year begins, so do new habits, plans and hopes. So, while you are enjoying a morning beverage and contemplating how you would like 2021 to unfold, we would like to share some thoughts for you to include in your time of introspection.

Health and safety, two very important concepts

Eight weeks ago, my mom rose up rapidly out of a chair, tripping and landing on the corner of the couch. The fall resulted in two broken ribs, which were intensely painful and took 6 weeks before being able to raise her arm causing dressing, as well as daily movements, to be a challenge. Coughs and sneezes took her breath away.

If you happen to be a care taker for a spouse or loved one and this injury happens, it surely will cause significant disruption to your daily routine as the slightest move brings extreme discomfort.

Having a plan

Having a plan of what to do if such a scenario were to occur would reduce stress and offer a plan for other family members, or neighbors, who would step in to assist.

During this time with Covid, surgeries such as knee and hip replacements have been postponed. If living on your own with an important surgery scheduled for the coming year, make sure plans are in place for groceries to be delivered, medicines to be picked up and rides to follow up appointments are in place ahead of the operation. This will make recovery less stressful and allow positive energy to focused on your healing.

‘What if’ scenarios

Prepare and plan for ‘what if’ medical scenarios for any procedures that may or will be occurring in 2021. Having an information sheet available with contact information for a variety of in-home care services helps those assisting you in your daily and post-operative needs.

If you need help with creating such a list, please feel free to contact me at

Wishing you an upcoming year of health, strength & joy.

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