Be prepared for the emotional side of moving



When it comes to what most likely will be the last, or the penultimate move in your life, whether motivated by divorce: desire for a more manageable home, move to a senior community, health reasons or to be closer to children and grandchildren, there is often one important aspect that is forgotten that if prepped, will certainly enhance the overall experience.

For those of you who are adult children helping parents with the move, it is valuable for you to be aware too as it will help you in the way you support your family members. Now, depending on the ‘why’ for the move, it is the emotional preparation that is so important that is often missed and by taking steps before and during the moving process, it will greatly aid in managing one’s stress, keeping one’s sanity, and even experiencing joy throughout the process. And can’t we all use more joy?

  1. Not new, but important. Start every day writing down 5-10 things you are thankful for because it sets the tone mentally. Even better is to share with a friend and ask them to do it too and tell one another.
  2. Exercise – whether taking a walk, doing chair yoga (check out YouTube as it is free – put chair yoga in the search and many will pop up), swimming or pickleball, whatever you enjoy, do it. This stimulates endorphins which make you feel good! Do this at least 3x a week or more.
  3. Journal – write about the time you have lived in your home, memories you recall. This can be a gift to the children later. It also helps to take the emotional pain, if that is occurring, and put it on paper and that is powerful. It helps your body and mind not to carry it and at the same time honor the emotions you are experiencing.

We walk alongside clients as they go through all sorts of emotional journeys as they close one chapter in their current home and move to another where a new one will begin. These three steps are doable, beneficial, and long lasting and encouraged to keep doing as the new chapter begins.


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