Beaverton Again Named Tree City USA: Celebrates Arbor Day with Tree Planting

Beaverton Again Named Tree City USA: Celebrates Arbor Day with Tree Planting

The City of Beaverton joined Friends of Trees and volunteers for tree planting events in the Greenway neighborhood on Saturday, April 6. Approximately 105 volunteers showed up in rainy conditions and planted 80 trees in two neighborhoods.

The combination of trees planted included Oregon White Oak, Serviceberry, Princeton Sentry Ginkgo, and others. A focus on diversity in the trees being planted is intended to help reduce the risk of insects and diseases affecting a single tree variety.

The Arbor Day community events support the greater city goals of conservation and restoration of natural resources and reducing energy consumption, which are part of City Council priority focus areas outlined by the city for the year ahead.

“Not only do trees support local ecology and make our city beautiful, but they also make life better for our community members,” said Mayor Beaty. “Without trees, our community would become a heat island and experience higher temperatures. Our trees help keep us cool and safe while also reducing our city’s energy consumption.”

Beaverton has been named a Tree City USA for the last 30 years and has received a Tree City of the World award for the past four years. The city also has received 20 Tree City USA Growth Awards for the outstanding care it provides its trees.

The City of Beaverton Urban Forestry webpage has a list of approved street trees for spaces large and small, including varieties that fit safely in areas under powerlines.


For the list of trees and other urban forestry information, including tree maintenance tips, planting events, and more, visit