Beaverton Business (Catalyst Newsletter): Don’t wait!

By Spencer Rubin

Recently, I have spent some time helping a wonderful teenager find employment.  I connected her with a friend of mine that owns some local businesses.  The teenager dropped off her resume, then awaited a call for an interview.  When I checked back in a week or so later, the teen had not received a call!  I asked her what her plan was, and she said she was waiting for the call.

My advice to her? DON’T WAIT!

In another instance, a business associate of mine was about to make a large presentation to a client, and needed one vital piece of information to complete the presentation.  The person they were waiting on for that vital piece of information was not getting back to him in a timely manner, and it was holding up the presentation.

My advice to him? TAKE CHARGE!

I have been in sales, sales management, ownership for 28 years.  I am headed into my 3rd decade of reaching out to people, and the amount of people that wait for answers is larger than ever.

“I’m waiting for a call back”

“I emailed her, and she has not replied”

“I dropped off my resume, but I haven’t heard anything”

The list goes on.  Stop waiting for others to control your destiny.  Take charge, and get to the front of the line.

Stop waiting for others to dictate your success: CREATE IT!

Our world is more crowded than ever.  More people, more white noise, more clutter, more distractions.  People are busy.

Do not operate on their timeline.  Operate on yours.

Follow Up…Follow Through…Persist!  Cut through the clutter.  Show potential employers YOU are THE ONE they want.  While they survey the herd in between distraction, stand at the front of the line.

No more waiting for calls to be returned:  call them 1st!

No more sitting around waiting for an email reply:  send them a follow up!

Drop off your resume…And then follow up within 48 hours!

Managers and owners want go getters…leaders…and people who get things done.  This is not a person who waits for things to happen.  MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Care! Care More Than Your Competition!

Make It Easy For People To Do, And Keep Doing Business With You!

Look Up…And Surprise Someone!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 27 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.