Beaverton Business (Catalyst Newsletter): What’s your extra?

By Spencer Rubin

2 Miles!

That’s my extra.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up!

It’s not about the length…as much as it’s focused on the effort and the habit.

I am at my health club a minimum of 4 times per week.  I prefer boot camps and fitness classes rather than just working out.

However, once class is over, I’m not done.  I could be done, but I’m not.  After each class, I head outside for a run around the parking lot, in the shopping center where my gym is located.  It’s a half mile cool down lap.

4 gym visits per week = 4 half mile runs = 2 miles!

That’s my extra!  Yeah, I get 2 miles of extra activity per week.  2 miles of calorie burning, 2 miles of joints moving, 2 miles of muscles working.

I love the physical activity, and I like the mental benefits.  However, it’s more about the habit.

The habit of doing more.  The habit of not being satisfied.  The habit of above average effort.

This extra half mile per day reminds me that being status quo is just okay.  It reminds me that status quo is the killer of excellence.

What is your extra?

Is it waking up earlier than you need to?  Is it arriving early to work?  Is it staying late?

When something is expected of you, do you simply just accomplish that something…or do you put in some kind of extra?

If you’re happy with what is expected of you, that’s okay.

If you’re not satisfied unless you’re accomplishing some kind of extra, you’re certainly not status quo!  KEEP IT UP!!

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