Beaverton City News: Support for Homelessness – City expands efforts

By City Staff

The City of Beaverton is committed to finding ways to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness. These efforts currently include:

Nonprofit grant funding, with a focus on homelessness and housing affordability, through the Social Services Funding and Community Development Block Grant programs.

Family Promise of Beaverton Support: Through partnerships with several faith-based organizations, and public agencies, this nonprofit hosts three to five families (up to 14 people) every night of the year, assisting with transition into housing. The city provides funding for operations, logistical support, and hosted families for two weeks in the fall.

Beaverton Severe Weather Shelter: Contracting with Just Compassion of East Washington County, the city provides space, volunteers, and financial support for an emergency shelter from November to March every year. During winter 2017-2018, the shelter was open 31 days and provided over 700 bed stays.

Community Outreach: The city is investing in a number of efforts to better connect people to social services and transitional housing. This includes funding expanded street outreach in Washington County through a partnership with Community Action and a part-time outreach worker at the Beaverton City Library to provide social services referral, navigation, and assistance. Police officers now also have a small fund to assist in situations by covering incidental expenses such as motel vouchers, car repairs, food, or clothing to bridge critical gaps and prevent people from ending up on the streets.

Safe Parking Program: For people who have lost their homes, living in a car or camper may be their only option besides sleeping on the street. The city is working to establish a safe parking program to provide legal places for people living in their vehicles to park, gaining stability needed to access services and transition into permanent, affordable housing. The goal is to have the program operational in early 2019.