Beaverton Downtown is adjusting and adapting… no matter the challenges

Beaverton Downtown is adjusting and adapting… no matter the challenges

“Kevin!” Taichi, the owner of Afuri IZAKAYA, yelled out to me in as we crossed paths in the Dining Commons during the middle of the snow and ice storm. “How are you?”

It was Friday, February 12th, the same day that indoor dining was finally authorized across the state. And yet, here we were, adjusting and adapting to yet another challenge.

“What are your thoughts on reopening indoor dining?” I asked him. “I know that a lot of businesses are going to take their time as we move into this new phase of the COVID recovery.”

“Oh, the team here is eager to be open for people again,” he responded.

Downtown was quieter that day. But though fewer visitors were downtown, the business owners and employees were still here, working behind the scenes.

As I rode my bike through downtown, I saw people inspecting their tents, making coffee, processing online orders, and investing in their businesses, their dreams.

I’m continually inspired seeing the people here refuse to give up, no matter how many challenges come their way. They are pouring their hearts and souls into this downtown community. And if you wonder if it will survive the economic downtown, you need only to look to the people here for a reminder of who we are.

Resilient. Adaptive. Hopeful.

I said my goodbyes to Taichi, and I was struck by one thought… this place is beautiful!

~ Kevin Teater

(Executive Director)

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