Beaverton Education Foundation: BEF receives WE Award!

By BEF Staff

On Thursday, May 10th, the Beaverton Education Foundation, along with the BSD Future Ready team received the Beaverton School District’s WE Award for Outstanding Community Partnership for their work on iX18.

“When we were approached by the BSD Future Ready team about iX18, the Foundation was thrilled to help!  It was wonderful to see so many BSD Staff post projects to Beaverton’s Choice, BEF’s crowdfunding platform, to fund innovative classroom projects to demonstrate at the event. Through our ever-expanding network, the Foundation reached out to our local government officials, businesses and community connections to help underwrite the cost of the event.  In the end, BEF raised over $35,000 funding many of the iX18 classroom projects and offsetting event costs to ensure this inaugural event happened.” Kristine Baggett, BEF Executive Director

“iX18 was such an inspiring event to be a part of because we could help the program get off to a great start with hundreds of people in attendance, but more importantly, we could see the direct impact of our sponsorship on the team we chose to sponsor when they showcased it to us at iX18. That kind of direct connection to the donation is rare and deeply motivating.” Keith Wymbs from AWS Elemental.

“We were super excited to see the huge turnout for our inaugural Innovation Expo. People were blown away by the variety of innovative projects students presented. We are already looking forward to iX19!  Thank you, BEF for your support. “ John Peplinski, BSD Future Ready Team

BEF was honored to receive the WE award and share in the success of iX18!

BEF funds projects for Beaverton Schools that fall outside the regular school budget.