Beaverton Farmers Market Vendor Spotlight Stories for July, 2019

Beaverton Farmers Market Vendor Spotlight Stories for July, 2019

Essance Skincare, Visit Booth #126

Essance’s sensitive skincare line emphasizes local, natural, and organic ingredients.

Our skincare ethos is simple: a minimal routine is often all you need, anti-aging propaganda is a marketing tool, and natural oils like Argan, vitamin E, and jojoba trump any chemical-laden, paraben and fragrance-rich goop often peddled as skincare.

Essance currently offers two lines of skincare products: one for oily or mature skin, and another for dry or sensitive skin.

We eschew the term “anti-aging” for being problematic and deceitful, and instead prefers “mature.” Here’s part of what you’ll find in the sensitive skin line:

  • Revitalizing Facial Cleanser
  • Revitalizing Facial Serum
  • Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer
  • 3-in-1 Antioxidant Eye Crème

We also offer a line of body products, which incorporate more viscous ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. The Happy Blend, Peppermint Shea, and Lavender creams are rich and luxurious, and sink in effortlessly for instantly plump, hydrated skin.

And it’s not only about aesthetics: At the request of one of our clients, a radiologist at Good Samaritan Hospital, we created the Aloe Therapy Crème for cancer patients to soothe the skin after radiation treatment. Tran says it can also be used for burns, psoriasis, and severe dryness.

Cranberry Kitchen

Did you know you are visiting or living in Cranberry Country? Well, you are.  Oregon is 1 of 5 states that grows cranberries and within Oregon there are only 2 counties that grow cranberries; Clatsop County and Coos County. Cranberry Kitchen is located in Clatsop County at the Northern Oregon Coast.  Growing cranberries has been the family business since 1966; the Petersons are 2nd generation cranberry growers.  Cranberry Kitchen features the brand Crannies® which are whole premium sweetened dried cranberries.  They offer many premium products at affordable price points; Crannies® fruit bags, “Superfruit Duo” fruit bags (Crannies ® paired with dried blueberries), and 7 different Crannies® Trail Mixes.  The family will be celebrating their 52nd harvest this year!  As cranberry farmers they are excited they can bring you America’s native fruit to the Beaverton Farmer’s Market as most Nationwide Farmer’s Markets do not have the benefit of having a cranberry farmer participate.  Let’s celebrate Oregon as Cranberry Country and support Cranberry Kitchen at the market.

Felton & Mary, Visit Booth #150

Felton and Mary Campbell were a remarkable couple with a gift for hospitality. In their home and in their celebrated barbecue restaurant, they loved to cook and serve meals for a crowd.

Smokey Brown Sugar: A sweet and savory blend of brown sugar, natural hickory seasoning and molasses, this magical sauce turns a mere barbecue into a celebration. Subtle yet tangy, mild yet exciting, it transforms every dish from ho-hum to crowd pleaser.

Medium BBQ Sauce: You’ll fall in love with this jazzy sauce, which Felton & Mary used in their cooking when they needed to spice things up. Try it on grilled vegetables, with smoked salmon, or in curry dishes—its sophisticated flavor goes well with more than just BBQ and adds pizazz to every dish.

Hot BBQ Sauce: Not for the faint of heart, but those who dare will be rewarded with intense heat and amazing flavor. This fierce sauce will send your taste buds on a crazy but entirely legal joy ride that will leave you breathless, hot under the collar and begging for more.

Classic Spice Rub: A little of this, a little of that—Felton tinkered with his recipe until he found the perfect blend of spices to create our signature rub. His artful experimentation was rewarded with a spicy sweet blend that imparts a depth of flavor to your favorite foods. Generously rubbed into meats or sprinkled over veggies before grilling, this seasoning enhances the deliciousness of chicken, pork, beef, fish or vegetables.

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