Beaverton Farmers Market, Vendor Spotlight Stories

Beaverton Farmers Market, Vendor Spotlight Stories

Thank you for your interest in Portland Farm Girl.

I grew up always wanting to live on a farm, rescue racehorses and work with with children in the garden. That dream was realized and Portland Farm Girl was born.

Portland Farm Girl is all about the healthiest and best tasting organic and heirloom vegetables available. Every plant is started from heirloom seeds or propagated from our little farm in West Linn. Children are a huge part of this endeavor. When a child plants, harvests and learns to cook what they grow they blossom! It is exciting for them and forms the beginnings of their healthy eating lives. Every Saturday between 10-11 we will have a FREE “kids corner”. The first week will be assembling your own pinecone birdseed hanger to take home. Following weeks will feature fairy gardens, succulents, harvesting seeds and more. Come visit! We are going to have some really unique and rare varieties, both starts and vegetables!

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Tipping the Scales Vegan Bakery

Booth #167

Katy learned how to bake and decorate on the job as well attending Oregon Culinary Institute and her awesome baking mother. Annie learned baking straight from on the job experience and her awesome baking mother. Coral was a Library Clerk and learned to bake from her awesome grandmother! While not their first choice in careers, Katy and Annie of Tipping the Scales Vegan Bakery would find themselves brought from California and New York to meet in Portland, Oregon working at a bakery together.

Katy wanted to recreate the foods she loved before becoming vegan. So, Katy, Annie, and Coral started playing with recipes for a vegan bakery. Now, people can’t believe that croissants can be vegan. And those buttery tasting pretzels, yeah… they’re vegan too. Seriously. All vegan.

We offer to you, vegan baked goods, both savory and sweet. Cookies and croissants. Pretzels and scones. Cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, and more. Making the good stuff a bit healthier. Doing what we can to ‘Tip the Scales’ back in Earth’s favor.

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