Beaverton Farmers Market Vendor Spotlights for August 2019

Beaverton Farmers Market Vendor Spotlights for August 2019

Ken & June Hazelnuts (Visit Booth #101)

Walking through the farmers market you notice the faint aroma of sweet vanilla. The Melcher family has been in the business of growing hazelnuts for over 50 years. Ken & June Melcher began farming hazelnuts in 1957 on a 40-acre farm in their home town of St. Paul, Oregon. It was one of the largest filbert orchards in the Willamette Valley at the time.

As second-generation farmers, we now farm 300 acres of hazelnuts. In 2000, we expanded our business to include packaged, ready to eat hazelnuts, named after the original farmers, Ken and June Melcher. Ken & June’s product line includes raw, dry roasted, and roasted & salted hazelnuts. Their product line also includes a selection of chocolate coated hazelnuts; including Dark and Milk chocolate as well as a delicious Marion berry chocolate coated hazelnut.

As a family owned and operated small business, we take great pride in providing a quality, locally grown product for our customers to enjoy all year round.

Fetzer’s Sausages (Visit Booth #182)

Welcome to Fetzers

Lean pork & beef makes the family recipe come alive with just the right amount of seasonings and spices that make Fetzer’s German Brand Sausage the best, absolutly NO preservatives or additives here, you can taste the difference!

Fetzer’s German Brand Sausages are authentic Old World recipe sausages produced using the freshest, leanest, hand crafted all natural meats, and the finest ingredients available. We use Carlton Farms meat exclusively, which is truly “Fresh and Natural.” It is minimally processed. It contains no artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, or coloring. No hormones, injected moisture, or curing accelerators are used. The sausages are made to exacting specifications weekly, with lean 100% meat. We do not use MSG, fillers, or additives that some manufacturers use to add weight and cut costs. You can feel and taste the difference.

Rose City Pepperheads (Visit Booth #90)

Award Winning Hand-Poured Pepper Jellies

Rose City Pepperheads has something for every type of Pepperhead. From the adventurous wicked pepper lovers to the milder just-a-touch-of pepper lovers – we have many choices for all your tastes.

Peppers accentuate the fruit flavors in the jelly in a deliciously unique and complex way. We think you’ll love your pepper jellies and soon be making sauces, marinades and finding any reason to use your jellies.

All our jellies are free of artificial food coloring, sodium and high fructose corn syrup. All jellies are vegan and gluten free.  All produce used is locally grown.

Susan McCormick is the brains (and often the brawn) behind Rose City Pepperheads. Her days are spent getting produce from local farmers, making jelly in the kitchen and selling at farmers markets and shows.

Frogsong Farm (Visit Booth #101-5)

Frogsong Farm is a craft hemp farm near Woodburn, Oregon. We believe safe, effective CBD should be accessible to everyone, so we offer our pure, potent, ethically crafted CBD products at competitive prices. At Frogsong Farm, people will always come before profits. The soil will always come before the sale. When you shop with us, you are supporting a family farm devoted to social and ecological healing.

With more CBD for your dollar, earth-conscious practices from seed-to-shelf, and a variety of products to suit your needs, we strive to be the best in the industry. We’re proud to be the first Certified B-Corporation in the hemp business. We hope that when you hear Frogsong Farm, you think of an ally in your family’s health and a positive force in the community. Please share our story, share our CBD, and talk about Frogsong Farm with the people you love!

Learn more at

Buddha Kat Winery (Visit Booth #63)

At Buddha Kat Winery, we create delicious varietal and fruit wines from the bountiful grapes and fruit of the Columbia and Willamette Valley, Columbia Gorge, and surrounding orchards. Our internationally award-winning wines are unique and retain the characteristic of each fruit we use. Rhubarb, blackberry, raspberry and cherry wines are perennial favorites as well as our more traditional Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Riesling, and Chardonnay. We also make several rich and luxurious fruit port style dessert wines including our 96-point, double-gold awarded, Framboise Chocolate.

We have tasting rooms in two of the most beautiful areas of Oregon – Mount Hood and the Oregon Coast. Our main facility and winery is located along Hwy 26 as you’re heading up to Mt. Hood at 17020 Ruben Lane in Sandy, Oregon. Sandy is an excellent jumping off point to enjoy the great outdoors of the Mt Hood area. We also have a tasting room at 37 N. Edgewood in lively downtown Seaside, Oregon, just minutes from the beach.

When you need a serene moment, or a treat, stop in either location to taste our wines or call ahead and schedule a private tasting or tour of the winery with our warm, friendly staff. We also play host to lively events such as “Buy Local” bazaars, release parties, holiday teas, painting classes, and more. A trip to either one of the Buddha Kat tasting rooms is a must-have experience for all wine lovers!

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