Beaverton Farmer’s Market – Vendor Stories

Oomph Cooking Blend

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After working for 20 years in research, design & innovation, the development of Oomph Cooking Blends grew organically from our experience in our family kitchen. On this journey we discovered an easy way to boost flavor and nutrition!

Oomph Cooking Blends are an innovative, healthy shortcut to “YUM!” Our blends are dehydrated & milled vegetables and herbs that are carefully combined into scrumptious flavor profiles. Oomph makes getting a meal on the table fast & tasty. Oomph has delicious 8 blends with no additives.

No Salt, Preservatives, Chemicals, Pesticides & Non-GMO!

Life is busy. we work and play hard. We want to feed ourselves and our families tasty, nutritious food. Home-cooking takes planning, time and inspiration. Oomph Cooking Blends are magical! A scoop or two of Oomph means no need to prepare vegetables or do the cleanup.

Already have veggies? Add oomph to up the magic factor. Oomph changes your daily meal prep from chore to discovery & delight. Our blends will elevate almost any dish you’re already making, with no need to think ahead. One or two scoops of our cooking blends = easy planning, less effort, more inspiration.

We are happy to share our products with you. We know how much effort it takes to cook tasty, healthy meals and we know every little bit helps. Oomph is a little magic shortcut. My family loves them and I hope you will too!

Eat Well, Be Well!

Susie Q Skin

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Heal a new tattoo with Susie Q Skin.

Susie Q Skin started out with our fabulous, all-natural, super healing tattoo aftercare wash and ointment. Since then, we have introduced thousands of tattoo enthusiasts to our line of tattoo aftercare products. Our Ink Absolution (Oil) tattoo wash is the game changer.

No more shower pain

Massively reduced tattoo swelling and redness.

Balanced pH in the shower.

This is where you start the tattoo healing process. It is then propelled with the Ink Salve natural tattoo ointment, the best lotion for a new tattoo. These tattoo aftercare products are the best way to heal a new tattoo.

We have also launched natural and organic skin care products. This is my true love. Our mission is to stay as natural and clean as possible. I want to ease your skin issues and help you love the art you are.  That is our goal: Beautiful, healthy, glowing tattoos and skin so that everyone Loves the Art You’re In.

Portland Ashwagandha Farm

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Jeff Johnson (farmer and founder of Portland Ashwagandha Farm) began studying chemistry and Ayurvedic medicine in his youth and was destined to become an herbalist and farmer of plant medicine.

He started Rising Stone Farm in 2012; a biodynamic medicinal herb company which grew, processed and sold tinctures and raw medicinal parts at Portland’s farmer’s markets and co-ops. Over time, Jeff noticed that the need for Ashwagandha was increasing as many he encountered expressed feeling run down and nervously exhausted. This new insight propelled Jeff to focus primarily on perfecting the cultivation and processing of the Ashwagandha plant with the belief that it is the best medicine for all the modern ailments we face. In 2015, Portland Ashwagandha Farm launched providing the first biodynamically grown, freshly harvested, and spagyrically processed Ashwagandha tincture product on the market.

It is our mission to help you feel calmly cared for by the incredible revitalizing properties of ashwagandha and promise to grow the highest quality product of this amazing plant.

Thrive Sauce Co.

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Thrive Sauce Co. offers a variety of all-purpose condiment sauces.  All of Thrive’s sauces can be used to dip, marinade, spread, stir-fry and dress up your favorite foods.  Best of all, the whole line of sauces are vegan and gluten-free.

First up are Thrive’s Special Sauces.  They are well balanced in flavor and heat, giving you the spice and flavor you desire without the pain.  The creamy consistency gives you the ultimate control over how much spice you want. These sauces enhance the flavor of your dish making them great for every meal.

Next up are Thrive’s Asian Sauces. Each are mild in spice but big on flavor. Select from Sweet-Chili Lemongrass, Sesame Satay, and Coconut Yellow Curry.

All of Thrive’s Sauces are great on veggies, grilled meats, rice and noodle bowls, breakfast foods, tacos, sandwiches and just about everything else!