Beaverton High School alum and Olympic track star honored with award: Congratulations to Mac Wilkins



A legendary track and field star was honored in Beaverton. Olympic Gold Medalist Mac Wilkins attended Beaverton High School decades ago, but his legacy on the track lives on.

The high school honored him with an award reserved for the state’s top global-ranking athletes, Friday.

Wilkins attended Beaverton High School back in the 1960s and only for his senior year, but he made quite an impression on the track. He was a track star here and went on to win two Olympic gold medals.

Now, decades later, the high school is honoring him with a commemorative plaque from museum of world athletics.

“Open as many doors as you can. You don’t know which one is going to be the best door for you for the next five days, five years, or 50 years,” Wilkins said.

After graduating from Beaverton High School in 1969, Wilkins went on the University of Oregon to become a national champion for discus before becoming an Olympic medalist for that same event.

Wilkins’ former classmate and competitor, who now coaches track at Beaverton High School, refers to him as “Multiple Mac,” a nickname to honor his many accolades.

“My goal was to break the school record, held by some guy named Mac Wilkins,” he said. “He then went on to make four Olympic teams , winning gold in ‘76, silver in ‘84, breaking the world record in the discus four times, doing it three times in one meet. Multiple Mac could do it all.”

Now, Wilkins can add another award to the list, the Oregon 22 Heritage Trail Plaque from the World Museum of Athletics. It is an honor reserved for athletes who achieve global medal status. Each plaque is installed in the athlete’s hometown.

The honor was made even sweeter as Wilkins celebrated alongside his mother who turned 95 on Friday. She sat in the rain as Wilkins received his award, something he said she often did all those years ago right here in Beaverton.

“Nobody will love you in your life as much as your mother. Nobody. Don’t forget that,” he said.

Wilkins’ plaque is one of just 22 being installed statewide to honor Oregon’s iconic track stars..


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