Beaverton Police Department: 21st Century Policing and Social Media

By Police Staff

In a survey conducted by PEW Research Center in January 2018, 68% of American adults say they use Facebook and 73% say they use YouTube. The number of people using social media as a news source continues to grow and law enforcement must continue to adapt how we interact with our community.

The same PEW survey also showed almost three-quarters (73%) of all Americans use an average of three social media platforms. Beaverton Police Department uses several social media platforms to communicate with our community:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Nextdoor,
  • Flash Alert
  • and our BPD web page.

The old days of faxing a news release to TV and radio stations is now inefficient and allows for wasted time when our community desires information at the speed of a button click. Although we do notify TV and radio stations about news releases, community members can find the information first on all of our social media platforms.

Having our own social media platforms allows us to interact with our community members; answering questions and listening to their concerns. Our social media also gives us platforms to show our human side along with all the activities we do which most might consider non-typical police functions but we consider community policing.

The information we provide across all our social media platforms stays consistent so any community member can find the information on their favorite platform. Beaverton Police Department is dedicated to provide accurate and timely information to our community. This rapidly evolving way of communication will surely continue to change just as it has in the past 20 years.

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