Beaverton Police Department: Small acts of kindness by law enforcement officers

By Police Staff

You’ve always been drawn to careers that let you give back to your community and serve others—but your current job doesn’t fit the bill. You want to spend your working years in a career that makes a difference and allows you enough flexibility to spend time with your family. You like the idea of individual and meaningful decisions that do not require a supervisor hovering over you at a desk.

You thought a career in law enforcement would be perfect, but the recent run of bad news for police officers has you reconsidering. Despite some recent negative media coverage, police officers go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. They devote their lives to the community they serve.

Don’t let yourself be swayed by negative media stories.

The positive police stories below give you an idea of the small things that are done each day by men and women in law enforcement that make such a big difference.

Small acts of kindness that made a big difference:

Police in Osceola, Florida learned, through social media, that no one showed up for a six year old autistic boy’s birthday. Police in large numbers showed up and gave the young man a birthday day that he will never forget.

In London, Kentucky a police officer responding to a shoplifter call found that the suspect had fallen on hard times and was accused of taking formula for his baby. The officer opted not to issue a citation and paid for the food out of his own pocket.

An officer in Odessa, Texas bought a pair of boots for a homeless man that he had seen around town for some time. In one encounter the officer noticed that the shoes the man was wearing were worn through on the soles.

A down on their luck family in Oxnard, California were fortunate to run into one of the local police officers while filing a police report of a stolen bike. The family was so distraught over their loss that the officer purchased a replacement bicycle on his own and presented it to the family.

A photo in Toronto, Canada went viral when it showed an officer tying the shoes of a sick and elderly person he had come across. A passerby captured the moment and downloaded it to a social media site.

Police Officers in your own town of Beaverton are notorious for their acts of kindness that never get attention because that is not the reason they acted to begin with. Purchasing and delivering groceries, cleaning up yards or inside homes and providing a sympathetic ear are just a few things that are regular occurrences.

Are you ready to begin a career that will allow you to make a positive impact in others’ lives? You’ll be able to serve your community both on the job and off in the rewarding field of law enforcement.

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