Beaverton Real Estate: Aging Can Be Difficult

By Suzanne VanSlyke

As we age, we face many challenges, some unexpected.

As a nurse case manager, I provide expertise in helping define individual issues, beginning the process of resolving each problem expeditiously, working with the health care team, the clients and loved ones to craft a care plan that works for them, now and in the future. Using the recommendations of Atul Gawande in his book, “Being Mortal”, the clients and their loved ones discuss the difficult questions we all confront:

  • What is your understanding of the situation and its potential outcomes?
  • What your fears and what are your hopes, as an individual, a spouse, or a family?
  • What goals and priorities are most important to you?
  • Which trade-offs are you willing to make, and what outcomes are unacceptable?

Support for Seniors in Transition, LLC, was developed in response to the need of seniors at difficult times in their lives to find help. I guide development of, monitor, and change a plan for the future. I am a liaison to communication and understanding as long as necessary. You and your loved ones are valued. Our commitment is to help you maintain independence and the best quality of life as long as possible.

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Support for Seniors in Transition is able to assist you with those problems which seem to arise so quickly and become overwhelming as we age.