Beaverton Real Estate: Aging in place or move?

By Kimberly Shute

Moving is one of the five most impactful experiences we will have in life. As we get older, it becomes even more stressful physically, emotionally or both. So, when in the later years of life, how do we know it is time to move to a condo, senior community or stay in place?

One of the comments I often hear from clients is ‘we know we need to eventually move and yet not sure when’. When to move will be unique for each client and yet, each client needs an answer.

What is a Certified Aging in Place Professional

Remaining in the current home for as long as possible is often the desired intent and almost always the goal. When remaining, it is invaluable to have someone who is a Certified Aging in Place professional come evaluate the house. Being capable of evaluating trip hazards, provide recommendations to structural modifications, make beneficial room alterations and more.

If on the fence to move or stay, following are several questions that by answering can help you and your family determine, which is best:

  1. Are falls happening with some frequency
  2. If a couple, is one suffering from caretaker exhaustion
  3. Are care needs escalating
  4. Feeling overwhelm with care of current house
  5. Are memory issues disrupting daily life
  6. Desiring to simplify daily living?

The decision to move to a condo or senior community is more enjoyable when you choose to do so. Once a move is made because of necessity it can be more challenging to enjoy and be happy in the new location. Empower yourself by choosing when.

If you would like to learn more about move management services, please feel free to contact Kimberly at 971-227-1302 or visit  At PDX Mature Moves, we serve seniors through real estate and move management services.