Beaverton Real Estate: To Sell or Not to Sell During Holidays

By Kimberly Shute

Life happens, and it can turn out that when you are ready to sell, the ‘selling season’ may be over. Does that mean you should wait another 3-6 months before putting your home on the market? No.

Review the reason why you are selling. Is it due to necessity; such as work relocation, a family home due to health or passing, or is it desire?  With a need-based move there is really little choice, with desire you can be more flexible.

What we know about buyers historically is that those who are purchasing in the holiday season are either needing to buy a home, strongly desire to buy perhaps due to personal time-line or tax reason, or could be an investor looking for a deal. Either way, even though a season may change, the market still continues to buy and sell.

What this means for sellers is that there may be less competition. Right now, the market is transitioning not only seasonally but also from an inventory perspective. We had 3.1 months of inventory in September, which we have not reached three months since February of 2015.  We will keep an eye on this although it is indicative that the market can be transitioning towards an even buyer seller market, which when inventory is at 6 months this has occurred.

With rates rising and inventory increasing is now a good time to sell? Yes! Buyers are more motivated to make that purchase with the rising rates. What a seller can do is to make sure that their house is priced according to location, condition, similar homes sold and competition. The home preparation list to be market ready should reflect the seller’s goals of timing (is a quick sale required or not) and available budget to invest in repairs or upgrades.  Every house has a buyer and every season a home can sell.

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