Beaverton Senior Life: Lessons Learned

By Rhonda Kay Leonarduhs-logo

I attended a funeral this week.  It was a beautiful experience.  I went away with a full heart, thinking about lessons learned from this man and other elders I’ve been privileged to know.

Some lessons learned include:

  • People don’t age on the inside. We reject the label, “senior”.  We prefer to be known for who we are, not for our age.
  • People are unique! What works for one person won’t work for another.  Take the time to get to know others.  Give each person room to be himself or herself.  Appreciate uniqueness, and grow rich in relationships.
  • What we invest in others tends to come back to us. People who consider the needs of others are loved deeply.
  • Our bodies and minds may change, but our worth never changes. A person who receives help offers a valuable lesson to their helper; the lesson of humble acceptance.  Young people learn compassion largely through helping others.  Life really is a “circle”.
  • We don’t have to have all the answers to the world’s dilemmas. As we age we may need to be reminded that we are just children in the sight of our creator. We can trust in a power greater than ourselves.

Though the man knew the sting of dementia and failing health, he loved his family well to the very last.  And, they loved him beyond measure.  What a mark he left on this world!  What a privilege it was to participate in his amazing life!

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