Beaverton Super Kids: Meet Super Student Allison Mitchell

Allison just turned 10 years old on July 29 and is excited to become a 5th grader at Errol Hassell Elementary School. She LOVES playing sports, especially softball, basketball and running track.

Allison loves creating art, whether it is drawing a picture, making slime, coloring, pottery, or making bracelets. She also LOVES being a big sister to her brother and baby sister.

Allison is especially proud of her softball team this year winning the AAA Championship title. She is also very proud of her medal she received last year for reaching the international 4th grade level for Kumon.

According to Allison’s mom: “Before Kumon, Allison did not want to read or do any homework from school.  It was a daily challenge to get her to do any school work or read a book.  Since enrolling in Kumon, she has now developed the confidence and independence to complete assignments on her own. Kumon has helped her understand that she can do it herself and that learning and reading isn’t scary but instead has opened up a new world of learning and excitement. I would urge any parent looking to help their child who struggles with reading or school assignments to give Kumon a try.  Not only will it help your child but it will also give your family the opportunity to regain family time otherwise lost to homework struggles.”