Beaverton Then & Now: The Cady, Anderson Satisfaction Store, 1906

Beaverton Then & Now: The Cady, Anderson Satisfaction Store, 1906



Fred Willis Cady and E.G. Anderson opened “The Satisfaction Store” in 1906 on Broadway St. The mercantile carried general merchandise, just about everything the townsfolk might need, and housed the post office as well. They purchased and sold dairy and produce from local farmers, often delivering in the store wagon.

In 1914, F.W. built downtown Beaverton’s landmark brick structure at the corner of SW Farmington Road & SW Watson Avenue for his business and acquired a new partner when W.E.Pegg purchased Anderson’s share. Cady & Pegg General Merchandise closed in 1921. Lanphere Auto Group now occupies the site of the 1906 store (12505 SW Broadway St,)


Beaverton Trivia

  • Beaverton became a county registered township on December 28th, 1868.
  • Almost 90% of the native Atfalati’s who inhabited the area for thousands of years were gone by the time the first settlers arrived in the late 1840’s.
  • Hall Blvd was the original Hwy 217 before the freeway was built in the 1970s.
  • The Atfalati natives referred to the area we call Beaverton as Chikeipi, meaning “place of the beaver”.
  • The land for the city park was donated by William Hocken, former mayor of Beaverton (1914-1917).
  • Sunset Hwy (Hwy 26) got its name from the Sunset Division of the US Army’s 41st Infantry in 1946.
  • Allen Blvd is named after Orrin Sweet Allen who came to Beaverton in the 1870’s.
  • Denney Rd is named after Thomas Denney who travelled the Oregon Trail in 1849 before settling in Beaverton in 1850.


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