Beaverton Welcoming Week September 10-19

Beaverton Welcoming Week September 10-19



National Welcoming Week is an annual series of events designed to bring together immigrants, refugees, and U.S.-born residents to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone. The week’s activities celebrate the contributions of newcomers and provide opportunities to build cross-cultural relationships and understanding.

The 2021 Beaverton Welcoming Week will be celebrated under the theme of “Belonging Begins with Us” alongside events in communities across the country and as part of the broader city-wide Welcoming Beaverton initiative.

Welcoming Week will include public events and opportunities for participants to share their experiences. The city sponsors grants for interactive, community driven projects that create tangible opportunities for people to build cross-cultural relationships during the annual celebration.

This year’s grant-funded events will feature cultural gatherings and exhibitions, cooking and writing workshops, participatory food and dance activities, theater, and storytelling representing cultures around the world from North Macedonia to the Middle East to Ethiopia, Tahiti, China and more.

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