Beaverton Winter Shelter: True joy comes from giving

Beaverton Winter Shelter: True joy comes from giving



All around us the signs are clear: winter is rapidly approaching. And for some, the cooler weather signifies the coming of family gatherings, shared meals and traditions, and times to cozy up by the fire with warm drinks. For others, the dropping temperatures forecast the dangers, hunger, and loneliness that await them in the months ahead.

I’m proud of our community’s commitment to providing shelter, food, and basic necessities for those who are experiencing houselessness. Our winter shelter recently re-opened its doors for the sixth season and will remain in operation through at least March 15, 2022. To offer donations and refer adults in need of shelter, please contact Community Connect at (503) 640-3263.

This will be the last year for our temporary shelter to operate at the Community Center. We are actively reviewing locations for a permanent shelter, which will also include a health care clinic. Beaverton has never had a permanent shelter, and determining a location is challenging. While there’s no such thing as a perfect building or perfect site, we do have some guidelines.


We want the shelter to:

  1. be accessible to transit, social services, and employment;
  2. be ADA accessible; and
  3. enable engagement with the neighborhood so that community relationships can be established and maintained.

The permanent shelter discussion is ongoing at City Council meetings, and I encourage you to attend upcoming meetings to learn more.

While the shelter is not accepting volunteers, there are a variety of community-based organizations who desperately need volunteers and donations. And we all know that as much fun as it is to receive, true joy comes from giving and serving with happy hearts. Whatever your celebrations and traditions, may you experience joy and peace this season.


Lacey Beaty was elected Beaverton’s Mayor in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on Beaverton City Council.