Beaverton’s Food Pod, Adding flavor to Beaverton

Beaverton’s Food Pod, Adding flavor to Beaverton

It took two years and passion to create one of the most unique Food Cart Pods on the West Coast.  BG’s Cartel, run by Biggi siblings Dana, Dean, and Domonic, opened in February 2018 with 31 carts and over 2,500 visitors on its first day.  The family’s mission was to nurture opportunities for local cart owners to serve an appealing variety of dishes while fostering “an environment of safety, fun, diversity, and community, where no one is better than another.”

At the Cartel, there are no more than two types of food genres at a time, allowing customers to constantly try something new.  In addition to distinctive fares like empanadas, savory waffles, and baby back ribs, cart owners and food adventurers experience a safer venue due to the gated perimeter and onsite management keeping the large space clean.  Other exceptional features include: outdoor, covered, and indoor seating; a fire pit, pet area, free parking nearby, a bar highlighting local beers and wines, and an avoidance of controversial issues. “We wanted to focus on this being neutral territory for everybody, where kids can play and parents can relax.”

Many carts are run by first time business owners and immigrants, reflecting the Biggi family’s commitment to emerging entrepreneurs in the area.  Their inspiration comes from their Italian immigrant grandmother, Rose Biggi, who sold her homemade horseradish door to door from her farm in Beaverton.  Frying Scotsman owner, James King, recently moved his cart to BG’s, noting in his Scottish accent, that the Pod community is “supportive,” his sales have gone up, and that “people are happy out here.”

The Biggi family built the Cartel for Beaverton “to enjoy.”  Their core values of family, loyalty to vendors, zeal for customer service, and a place where people can “get off their phones and talk to each other,” enhances the matchless flavor of the Beaverton area. A child visitor recently announced BG’s the “Disneyland of food carts.” Another customer, on his first visit, rated the Cartel a “ten out of ten,” declaring, “I’ll be bringing my coworkers and friends with me next time.”

BG’s Cartel is located at 4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave. Hours of operation are from 7am to 10pm Monday through Saturday and 9am to 6pm Sunday. For more information, including cart menus, visit

Frances Quaempts is a Beaverton enthusiast who enjoys writing about its culture & food scene.

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