Bev got a new car, but journey was quite unexpected

Bev got a new car, but journey was quite unexpected



Hello Loyal Beaverton Readers.

Thank you all for being here. I enjoy answering your questions. While we do offer tech help too and can answer most car questions at no cost, we specialize in helping Beaverton residents with purchasing (or leasing) new or pre-owned vehicles.


For this month’s story, I will share the experience I had with a longtime reader of my column.

In January, a loyal reader named Bev called and asked if I could quickly help replace her 14-year-old car. She went on to mention that she has been reading my column since 2013 (that’s an impressive 11 years)! Of course, I was more than happy to help.

We discussed what vehicles were available and where we could go to purchase them. Needless to say, Bev was thrilled that I would be going with her to complete the transaction.

Before we could trade in the old car and get a new one, however, I did a thorough inspection inside and out, as well as look into her car’s history via Carfax. Surprise, Bev’s car seemed to be in perfect condition. This led me to ask her why she was in a rush to sell it.

She told me that she recently took her car in to the same dealership she bought it from for regular scheduled maintenance. When she got the car back, they told her it was in serious need of nearly $8,000 in work! Thinking her car was on its last legs, she picked up the phone and gave me a call.

I told her that there was nothing obviously wrong with her car and if there was, the dealership should have written out a report explaining the expensive repairs needed. Frustrated, she still wanted a new car with the hopes that she would get good trade in value for the current one.

After discussing her many options, she wanted one with modern safety features and better fuel economy. She also wanted a white car after having a gray one for so many years.

When Bev decided on a new 2024 Nissan Versa, that same day, we were at Beaverton Nissan where the car she wanted was on the lot and ready to drive home.

In the end, Bev explained why she was happy changing car brands and dealerships: either 1) the old dealership did not adequately explain her previous car’s servicing needs and problems or 2) someone at that dealership thought they could take advantage of a loyal but elderly lady.

In either case, Bev no longer trusted the old dealership and was now happy to try a new car company. For me, not knowing the old dealership’s side of the story, they will remain nameless, but the fact remains, Bev felt she was not treated properly and will not be going back.

The moral of the story is obvious: take care of your customers and they will return.

Thank you all for reading.


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