Beware of porch pirates: Tips for making sure packages arrive safely

Beware of porch pirates: Tips for making sure packages arrive safely



The holiday shopping season is upon us, and with that the Beaverton Police Department wants to share tips for keeping your package deliveries safe from the dreaded porch pirates. This year, it’s estimated nearly 25 percent of all holiday shopping will be done online. Gifts ordered online will arrive on your doorstep where they are subject to theft.


Public Information Officer Matt Henderson with the Beaverton Police Department has some tips to keep your packages safe:

  1. Add package insurance. Many online retailers now offer package protection during the checkout process. Take advantage of this for peace of mind when shipping valuable items.
  2. Ship to a store or consider a package receiving service. Having the package delivered to a safe location where you can pick it up is an easy way to keep your presents safe.
  3. Check with your neighbor. The good neighbor benefit is twofold. First, many packages are simply delivered to the wrong address. Make sure your neighbor doesn’t think a secret admirer bought her that nice computer! Knock on her door and tell her that computer belongs to you. Second, have your neighbors keep an eye out if you won’t be home for an expected delivery. They can get your package for you and keep it in a safe spot until you arrive home.
  4. Use home security cameras. If your package does get stolen, it’s very helpful for police officers to have a photo or video of the suspect. Sometimes, if the photo is clear enough and we think the suspect has reached “Grinch Status,” we can share the photo online in the hopes of getting the porch pirate identified and added to the naughty list!

Everyone at the Beaverton Police Department wishes our community a safe and happy holiday season.


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