Big kid writes book on a big subject: Diving into Quantum Computing

Big kid writes book on a big subject: Diving into Quantum Computing



About the book

Diving Into Quantum Computing aims to help the reader understand the fundamentals of quantum computing.

  • This book is meant for beginners with no prior experience in computer science.
  • This book builds an understanding of quantum computing without complicated math in a colorful method!
  • This book will introduce quantum computing, cover quantum mechanics, illustrate the different quantum algorithms, summarize quantum error correction, and explain future developments.
  • The cool part is that this book will allow you to implement quantum algorithms!
  • In addition, this book has been edited and reviewed by quantum computing students and professionals.


About the author

Ojas Nimase is a junior at Westview High School. In his freshman year, he started learning about quantum computing through a Portland State University research lab. There, he realized how unappealing the “introductory” quantum computing textbooks were for younger students. Many of these “introductory” books weren’t really introductory at all and contained a lot of complicated math with bland designs. As a result, he was motivated to create an introductory quantum computing book that built a fundamental understanding of quantum computing, without complicated math, and with colorful graphics. He hopes this book can appeal to younger students and make quantum computing less intimidating. Also, he’s tried to make the book as cheap as possible— only making a couple of cents off of each book— to bridge the gap and make quantum computing more accessible to everyone!


Ojas Nimase is a junior at Westview High School and hopes to continue his amazing journey into the quantum realm throughout the rest of high school, college and beyond. “Diving into Quantum Computing” can be purchased online on Amazon.