Biographical movie about Luis Palau, Beaverton Based Evangelist

Biographical movie about Luis Palau, Beaverton Based Evangelist

He’s been called the Hispanic Billy Graham and traveled to more than 75 countries as a Christian evangelist. Now, the story of Beaverton-based minister Luis Palau is headed to the big screen.

Palau tells FOX 12 the movie was not his idea. He says a man from Louisiana, who he had never before met, approached him with the idea for the film and paid for the project.

“It was sort of out of our hands, but we did have a little influence on it,” Palau said.

In fact, Palau jokingly says he was kind of embarrassed by the thought of having a movie based on his life released worldwide.

But, he hopes it will encourage others to aspire to big things regardless of their background or circumstances.

“Even if you have no contacts, no money, no nothing, the Lord can use you around the world,” he said.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Palau hosts three international radio programs, broadcast in English and Spanish. His voice has been heard by millions over the span of six decades.

The goal of these radio programs, he says, is “to help people realize there is very good news out there.”

According to Palau, “It isn’t all violence and horror and brokenness and divorce and pain and angry kids because of broken homes. There is a life that’s worth it.”

Now, fans will have the opportunity to get to know the man behind the radio through “Palau: The Movie.”

The film, he says, covers his upbringing in Argentina, including the death of his father when Palau was just 10 years old.

“When he died, we lost everything.” Palau said. “We went from being pretty well-off, in fact, well-off by those standards, to being utterly poor. We hardly had food at times.”

Despite these challenges, Palau went on to start a radio program in Cordoba, Argentina at the of 18, alongside two other teenagers.

“Radio, I felt, is so intimate,” he said.

That program launched his successful radio career, which led to other opportunities hosting festivals in 79 countries.

The film takes viewers through the rise of Palau’s evangelic ministry, heavily influenced by his friend Billy Graham, who hosted similar crusades.

Throughout the years, he has met and preached the Christian gospel to millions of people.

“People write me so many letters and there’s pain in the world,” Palau said.

His hope is to help people cope with that pain. Which is why, the 84-year-old evangelist says, he has learned to look at his own trials as a way to relate to others.

“Good things do come even from bad situations,” Palau said.

And despite being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in January of 2018, Palau continues his global ministry to this day, surpassing the life expectancy his doctor gave him when the cancer was first detected. He’s faced tougher odds.

“God can take a young guy from the southern-most country in the world, out of a little town and take him to a hundred countries,” he said.

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