BPD Dashboard: Building trust and transparency

BPD Dashboard: Building trust and transparency


Police officers have numerous interactions with their communities every day. The interaction types vary greatly and can range from helping someone change a car tire, to arresting a violent criminal. The Beaverton Police Department (BPD) expects its officers to protect with courage, serve with compassion, and lead with integrity during all interactions. We know our community also expects us to perform to this standard.

The Beaverton Police Department understands transparency is a key component to establishing and maintaining trust between law enforcement and community members. Because of this, BPD publishes current data reports on our website which cover the following:

BPD Overview and Call Statistics:  Provides generic information about police department staffing levels, budget, training, and complaints. Includes an overview of calls for service by type and location.

Use of Force Dashboard An overview of police use of force statistics. Includes definitions used by BPD officers. This report includes charts and graphs of relevant topics like the number of force incidents involving subjects of a particular race, ethnicity, gender, and age category.

Statistical Transparency of Policing (STOP) Dashboard Provides an overview of officer-initiated traffic and pedestrian stops that occurred in the time-period.

Biased-Based Policing Report Provides an overview including public concerns and formal complaints to the department. Includes an in-depth statistical analysis and reporting of relevant factors throughout the time-period.


To review the details of these reports as it pertains to BPD, please visit: https://www.beavertonpolice.org/389/Police-Data-Dashboard