BPD Issues Warning on Scam Calls

BPD Issues Warning on Scam Calls

The Beaverton Police Department has issued a warning to local residents about a recent wave of scam calls using the names, badge numbers, and contact information of local police officers to steal money from community members.

Scammers are impersonating officers from the Beaverton Police Department and representatives from the Beaverton Municipal Court. These imposters are contacting residents, claiming there are outstanding fines or legal issues requiring immediate payment over the phone. The Beaverton Police Department emphasizes that they, along with the Beaverton Municipal Court, will never request any form of payment over the phone.

“We want to ensure our community members are aware of these fraudulent activities and know how to protect themselves,” said Officer Matt Henderson from the Beaverton Police Department. “Never provide personal or financial information to anyone over the phone in response to these calls.”


Residents who receive suspicious calls are advised to:

  1. Hang up immediately.
  2. Refrain from sharing any personal or financial details.
  3. Verify the call’s legitimacy by contacting the Beaverton Police Department directly. Residents can either visit the police department in person or call 503.526.2261.
  4. Report the fraudulent call to the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (Dispatch) at 503.629.0111.

Stay safe, Beaverton!


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