BPD’s Commitment to School Bus Safety Ensuring Student Safety

BPD’s Commitment to School Bus Safety Ensuring Student Safety



As students return to their classrooms this September, the Beaverton Police Department wants to emphasize the importance of obeying school bus stop signs and ensuring the safety of our children during their daily commute.

From January to June 2023, BPD officers issued nearly 200 citations for failing to obey school bus stop signs. This statistic highlights the need for continued vigilance in protecting our students while they travel to and from school.

Passing a school bus when its safety lights are activated, or its stop sign is displayed is against the law. These signals indicate that students are either getting on or off the bus, and it is our responsibility as community members to ensure their safety.

The Beaverton Police Department remains committed to the safety of our students throughout 2023 and 2024. Our officers will conduct regular safety missions to enforce compliance with school bus stop sign regulations.

“Parents, teachers and school bus drivers play a vital role in reinforcing safe practices with their children. Teaching them how to cross the road safely and to use the school bus’s safety lights and stop sign to their advantage is imperative for the safety of the children and commuters”, said Sgt. Jeremy Shaw of the Beaverton Police Department Traffic Division.


Remember, safety starts with each one of us. Let’s make this school year a successful and secure one.

Stay safe, Beaverton!