Bridge Meadows Artist Spotlight: Bettie Kirkland

Bettie Kirkland is a very talented artist who sold prints of her beautiful work in our Art Bridge Collective show in April.  The theme for our show was “Reflections” and Bettie’s art work certainly shows wonderful reflections of her life experiences and skills.

After retirement Bettie started art classes for fun. She wanted to learn how to draw. After several years of drawing classes, Bettie made the transition to Pastels. She really loves all the bright vibrant colors that are available to work with and puts them to good use.

Bettie has a wonderful grasp on figure drawing and has done some beautiful examples of the skills she learned over the years. Her pieces bring much life to the art papers she magically enhances with her strokes of many colors. Bright colors and images that draw you into the joy of the figures dancing, images that stir your feelings, and may even take you to her zebras drinking. Bettie captures moments in life’s flowing currents.

Bridge Meadows, 5995 SW Menlo Drive, Beaverton.