Bringing smiles to kid’s faces One sock at a time

Bringing smiles to kid’s faces One sock at a time

A Beaverton woman is on a mission to bring smiles and warm feet to children in need.

Andie Proskus, 27, has muscular dystrophy and has been in the hospital due to surgeries and therapy for much of her life. During that time, she says she was given a pair of bright socks that brought a smile to her face and knew she had to pass along that feeling to others.

So, she organizes socks drives for local children’s hospitals, sometimes from her own hospital bed. She recently organized an event at Beaverton High School during halftime of a basketball game, where people tossed socks onto the basketball court.

With the help of her friends and area schools, Proskus has been collecting socks for hospitalized children. She says their reaction makes all the hard work worth it.

“I can relate a lot to what the families and the kids are going through, and it not only brings a smile to their face, and helps brighten their day up for a little bit, but it’s also very therapeutic for me, and warms my heart to see the smiles something as simple as a pair of colorful, fun pair of socks can bring,” Proskus said.

Proskus has been doing these sock drives for about six years. She collected more than 100 pairs of socks the first year and has now collected over 10,000.

“Something as simple as a fun pair of socks can really make a difference and lift up the child’s day even if only for a few moments. It not only brings the child a smile, but also means a lot to their families, and it helps my own heart to and is very therapeutic,” Proskus said.

Proskus is a graduate of Beaverton High School. She has received donations of socks from as far away as Australia.

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