Business, Childcare, and Community: We are honored to play a small role

Business, Childcare, and Community: We are honored to play a small role

One of the joys of working at the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce is the constant opportunities to learn new things and meet new people.

Over the past couple of years, our IMPACT Beaverton program – a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Beaverton – has jumped into the world of childcare. No, we are not offering childcare at the Chamber. We are working to support entrepreneurs that want to start or expand their childcare business.


There has been a lot to learn. There are different types of care, from very small home-based care to large center-based care. There are many rules, regulations, and licensing requirements governing the different types of care. There are government subsidy programs with complex application and reporting requirements.


Luckily, the local Childcare Resource & Referral (CCR&R) is a great source of knowledge on these matters. The CCR&R of Washington County is a program of Community Action. Their staff is exceptional. If you are interested in starting a childcare business, either in your home or as a center, they are your first stop.

Our role in partnering with the CCR&R is to help childcare entrepreneurs better understand the “business” of childcare. Some of the common questions we get from new and existing childcare entrepreneurs include:

How can I estimate the cost to start a childcare business in my home? What about if I want to start a center?

  • What do I need to do to establish the actual business? What registrations, forms, and business licenses will I need? What is an EIN and why do I need it?
  • How can I set up bookkeeping and accounting systems to track revenues and expenses and prepare for tax season? Who can help me with this?
  • What is a business plan and what are projected financial statements? I need these to apply for a grant or a loan and I feel lost.

We are still developing our knowledge and expertise on these topics. We are honored that our friends at the CCR&R have partnered with us in serving these childcare entrepreneurs.

Along the way we have met an amazing range of individuals and families. They have been exceptionally gracious and appreciative of our time and support. We are blessed by their presence and humbled by their desire to serve their communities.


We have developed a series of workshops on “The Business of Childcare” and hosted these workshops for childcare entrepreneurs from many corners of the globe. I recently facilitated two workshops for a group of Somali families looking to start or expand their childcare business. The CCR&R provided an interpreter for these sessions.

As I have mentioned in previous BRG articles, these types of partnerships are critical in serving our diverse community. We embrace these opportunities to learn together, and continually strive to offer better programs and services.

We know childcare is a critical concern for many in our community. Beaverton and Washington County families often struggle to find affordable, culturally sensitive, quality care. We are fortunate to have a growing list of passionate individuals and families looking to fulfill these needs.

We are honored to play our small role in supporting childcare entrepreneurs as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

Happy Spring to all!

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By Rob Routhieaux, Director of Small Business Support & Development. For more information about how your business can be involved or sponsorship opportunities, email us at or call 503-644-0123.