Business shoutout: PDR Solutions, auto detailing and more

Business shoutout: PDR Solutions, auto detailing and more



Hello Loyal Beaverton Readers! I would like to thank all of you for reading, writing in, and calling to ask questions and request automotive advice.

A while back, we gave a big shout out to a local Beaverton business, PDR Solutions. This great auto reconditioning shop is so outstanding, I have them do all of my vehicle prep for resale. With the expected downpour of Autumn leaves about to drop, a reader recently asked if there was a trustworthy interior/exterior shop in town to help his beloved vehicle sparkle again. Well, here I go again: shoutout to Randy at PDR Solutions!


About PDR Solutions

Everyone has a dent, a scratch, or a dirty car. Let me just describe some of the many things that can be accomplished at this amazing shop here in Beaverton.

PDR Solutions is a full service car detailing center. We’re talking both interior and exterior. Can they handle dings and dents? Of course they can, it’s in their name (PDR stands for Paintless Dent Repair).

They do many different paint treatments as well including exterior and interior sealants. The new big sealant for paint is the ceramic paint treatment. I have had two of my personal vehicles paint sealed and treated with ceramic paint sealant and the results are AMAZING! Pollen, dirt, and even bird droppings clean off with ease.

Another excellent service they provide is paint correction. This will revive oxidized, chalky vehicle paint and make a tired old vehicle look much better and at a lot less money than a paint job.


There is also headlamp restoration!

Headlamps often get cloudy after sitting outside for a long period of time, so much so that very little light from the headlight bulb can exit the headlamp assembly.

Believe it or not these actually can be restored to nearly 100%, which is clearly a safety issue. Who doesn’t need better night time driving visibility?

With decades of experience in the automotive industry, and the desire to do more and better than other companies out there, I highly recommend PDR Solutions. Give Randy a call and let him know “The Beaverton Car Guy” says hello!

Thank you all for reading!


PDR Solutions is located just past Sunset High School at 14207 NW Science Park drive. Call Randy at (503) 805-7031 or visit

If anyone needs help purchasing/leasing or finding a new or pre-owned vehicle (or selling one), please allow me to assist you. Email