Business Spotlight: Core Realtors

By Dave Hiller

Core Realtors is a locally owned real estate brokerage and property management firm located in Raleigh Hills. Chris Johnson, the owner, is a working broker and a property manager licensed in the State of Oregon. With nearly 30 years’ experience in real estate sales and investment property ownership, he started Core Realtors in 2014 after a long tenure at a well reputed real estate firm. Core now manages over $100 million in aggregate value for property owners.

Being locally owned and not part of a large franchise organization, Chris along with 5 Oregon licensed Realtors® are actively engaged in all aspects of real estate transactions. We will analyze the property’s market, pricing, listing, marketing, negotiations and sale processes. We use high tech software and tools to provide our overall expertise. Since we are small firm we are nimble and can easily collaborate together to leverage the expertise of each broker for our client’s best interests.

We like to meet face-to-face with clients over a cup of coffee to discuss their needs. Our office offers a great place to sit a spell, in case you are early for your meeting with us. Granted, we have all the technology in place, however we like to have some whimsical things in our lives and lobby too.

Core hosts classes on home buying essentials, home buyer’s budgeting and investor education. All classes are offered at no charge. For more information contact (503) 729-8797 or for more details.

Our Mission

CORE’s mission is simple: We will empower purchasers and sellers with proper market data and real estate broker(s) expertise to make prudent, relevant, and substantial decisions whether buying, selling or managing real estate. Home buyers, sellers, or investors buying or selling, the decisions are remarkably similar and we will help guide the way with and for you.

Chris and Dave are part of Core Realtors, a locally owned real estate and property management company with over 130 years of combined experience in owning, investing, managing and selling real estate.

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