Business Spotlight: Got books? Trade them at Jan’s

Business Spotlight: Got books? Trade them at Jan’s

By Lori Carroll

Jan’s is an independently owned bookstore specializing in selling and trading books. Jan’s opened in 1981 in Aloha. After 37 years in Aloha, Jan’s lost its lease, but fortunately found a great building in Downtown Beaverton just waiting for a bookstore!

Quick guide to how trade works.

When you bring in a book for trade, if we can take the book, you get ¼ of the cover price. When you buy a used book from us, the cost is ½ the cover price. Your trade can cover up to ½ your total from used books. For example, if the book you are buying is $8, the total is $4. You can use $2 credit, bringing your out of pocket expense to $2.

Have a book you’ve been searching for?

Let us know and we can put a reserve in the system so if it ever gets turned in, we’ll call you and let you know. Saving you the hassle of just waiting and watching.

We also sell new books at 20% discount.

This includes any books you’d like to pre-order. Is there an author you follow religiously and buy the second they hit the shelves? Let us know, and we’ll order it to have on hand for you.

Jan’s prides itself on supporting the local community and authors. We support our authors by holding events allowing readers and authors to meet and mingle. Jan’s looks forward to the many exciting opportunities for future community events in Downtown Beaverton.

For more information, you can visit Jan’s at 12320 SW 1st St, Beaverton, call 503-649-3444, visit their website at Jan’s, or keep up to date on all their activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.