Business Spotlight: Lease with the option to buy

By Marc Anthony

The Portland Metro area is expected to continue to grow with continuing migration from California.  This presents a future where rental housing and house prices may be out of reach for many households.  There is a significant segment of the population who see the need to buy a home now and aren’t ready.  Variables like bankruptcy, savings, job change and credit score delay their purchasing a home.

Home Partners of America™ Lease with Option to Purchase program aims to fill this need.  Their program benefits the consumer more and property owner less than typical “rent-to-own” scenarios.  Most people I talk to don’t know the program exists and are very interested.  Many think at first it is too good to be true.

I’ve made helping people through this program my specialty as a Realtor.  Before deciding to focus on it as a source of business I studied the company and their service in depth to decide what is its real market value.  I’m convinced it has great value.  It’s been a challenge getting the word out.  Home Partners™ depends on direct-to-consumer marketing by agents.  Print advertising and paid digital marketing can become too expensive to be practical.

I charge nothing to help people through this program.  I am a buyer’s agent for the company and I help people through the process, which is simple.  It costs $75 per household to apply for the program.

Are you not ready for a mortgage? Try leasing a home with a right to purchase. Call Marc Anthony, Real Estate Broker with MORE Realty at 503-353-6673.