Buying A Home Via Virtual/360 Tour, New tools make house shopping safe & easy

Buying A Home Via Virtual/360 Tour, New tools make house shopping safe & easy

In this recent economic and health sensitive climate, daily life and business processes have altered. With real estate, Realtors are prohibited from being able to hold open houses, which is an important tool allowing them to offer buyers a chance to get the feel for the home, as well as experience the layout, nuances, features and benefits.

Virtual tours, which have historically been used by agents have increased in importance, they are static photos put to music and motion. Now, an additional tool is beginning to be used with an even more, the 360 Tour.

The 360 tour is wonderful for multi-storied homes and townhouses as it offers what is called a ‘doll house’ view that is a multi-story side view of the interior of a home, a tool to ‘virtually stroll’ through the home at your leisure, a measuring tool to verify if furniture will fit and provides the occasion to see close up details of remodeling that may have been completed. Clients are still able to see vacant homes with a Realtor, while wearing a mask and gloves. To reduce touching within the home, a listing agent may mark which cabinets are okay to open, which closets are okay to look into.

However, if a client prefers to be ultra-cautious or lives outside the area, the 360 and virtual tours are a very good and quite accurate representation of a home.

Another idea is asking your Realtor to FaceTime with you through a home, although I would say that the 360 tour may be more effective as it allows you to experience the home at your own pace, and while wearing a mask it may be difficult to understand an agent when they are speaking. With the 360 or virtual tours you can discuss with your agent over the phone. The opportunity to zoom into a certain area is easier with the 360 tours as well.

I can confidently recommend buying a home after having pre-viewed using one of these tools and having a detailed conversation with your agent. If something comes up in the home inspection you are able to step out of the transaction and receive your earnest money.

If you have yet to view a home with a 360 Tour, send me an email and I will send you a link. The industry is working hard to keep everyone safe and still achieve your real estate goals.

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